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Expiration of patent, price drop, and fierce competition: The pharmaceutical industry is facing drastic changes due to those unfavorable conditions. It needs an innovative idea to turn the risk into an opportunity.

Isaac Engineering Co., Ltd., as a reliable partner, provides creative solutions and applies our in-depth knowledge to the industry.

Our ideas of the future of the pharmaceutical industry will impress you.

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PCS 7 program is a comprehensive process control system.

PCS monitors data values, checks the dosage of drug administered, and stores data in the process historian server in real time by interfacing with the equipment on the site.

Batch system is one that a user can control and use the dosage in the process of manufacturing a drug and therefore, it can increase the productivity through the division of the process.

PROJECT Client Location Year of Completion
DM BIO Network & Monitoring Construction  DM BIO Songdo DM BIO 2016
DM BIO Maintenance Construction DM BIO Songdo DM BIO 2017