Renewable Energy Control System

Renewable Energy Control System


ESS is an abbreviation of energy storage system. It is a system that stores new and renewable energy such as wind power, solar power, and solar heat in a storage device and supplies electric power to a power grid when necessary.The USA, Europe, Japan, and many other countries have built ESS and are currently increasing energy reserve ratio and enhancing its usefulness through the fusion with eco-friendly energy.

ISAAC PCS Advantages


High Efficiency

  • The value of PCS lies in its efficiency. It ensures high efficiency by minimizing the consumption (wasting) of energy during power conversion.



  • Because we use Siemens ALM (Active Line Module) as PCS, we can guarantee instant response with PCS controller and render the function of self-protection, which reduces the maintenance cost of a customer.


Customized Controller

  • We can make a user-convenient monitoring system of power generation by providing the data and visual information (and format) that a customer requests.